Autodesk Raster Design 3

Autodesk Raster Design 3.
Scanned paper drawings, aerial photos, satellite imagery and maps can be integrated into the computer system and edited raster data converted to vector. Vectorization Tools with Smart Correct technology create lines, polylines, circles, arcs, text and rectangles. Intersecting raster geometry can be preserved when raster entities are moved or erased. The program can read and write georeferenced images to and from the Web. Raster design can help you gain more value from existing archive drawings and possibly avoid time-consuming redrafts.

AutoCAD LT 2004 contains powerful 2D and basic 3D geometry creation, editing, isplay and plotting options and uses the AutoCAD DWG file format so interchange of existing files presents no problem if the program is upgraded to the main professional program AutoCAD 2002.

For many CAD users AutoCAD is too comprehensive, advanced and expensive for their needs and in cases where the draughtsman is mainly
responsible for layout work and design work, which does not involve sophisticated modelling and rendering, then this program is well worth considering. The current
price is less than £500.

The ability to draw and to use the drawing, or part of the drawing, in a word processor document will be much appreciated. The software has a familiar feel as
it uses the Windows interface, so if you have used pull-down menus, dialogue boxes and the drag and drop simplicity of Windows; you will soon master the basics since the Help feature provides an on-line guided learning assistance tour. The 2D draughting content is identical with that of the early Release 12 of AutoCAD. The toolbox and toolbar can easily be customized and arranged to suit your own preferences and style of working. The system will also accommodate a selection
of symbol files.

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  • Manual of
    Engineering Drawing
    Second edition
    Colin H Simmons
    I.Eng, FIED, Mem ASME.
    Engineering Standards Consultant
    Member of BS. & ISO Committees dealing with
    Technical Product Documentation specifications
    Formerly Standards Engineer, Lucas CAV.
    Dennis E Maguire
    CEng. MIMechE, Mem ASME, R.Eng.Des, MIED
    Design Consultant
    Formerly Senior Lecturer, Mechanical and
    Production Engineering Department, Southall College
    of Technology
    City & Guilds International Chief Examiner in
    Engineering Drawing

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