Quality assurance

BS EN ISO 9000 series relates to quality systems and is produced in several sections. The principles of quality assurance embrace all activities and functions concerned with the attainment of quality. BSI Quality Management Handbook QMH 100 is essential reading.

Having purchased quality CAD equipment, the products which the company propose to manufacture
need to be designed and developed from conception following an agreed quality assurance working
procedure practised by all employees throughout the organization. QA systems are usually accredited and
certified by a third party such as a professional institution or association.

An organization should be able to show that all drawings, documentation and necessary calculations
relating to the design, are vigorously checked and approved by management. The stage by stage
development of the product will follow an agreed work plan with checks, inspections and correction procedures. Similar plans will cover the manufacturing stages from raw material checks to the tested product. Good communication between all of the participants is essential to ensure that the product meets its specification and the customer’s exact requirements. 

A company which can demonstrate superior technical skill and expertise has a considerable asset which can
be used to advantage in marketing. Proven excellence invariably increases pride and well-being in company

Manual of Engineering Drawing
Second edition
Colin H Simmons
I.Eng, FIED, Mem ASME.
Engineering Standards Consultant
Member of BS. & ISO Committees dealing with
Technical Product Documentation specifications
Formerly Standards Engineer, Lucas CAV.
Dennis E Maguire
CEng. MIMechE, Mem ASME, R.Eng.Des, MIED
Design Consultant
Formerly Senior Lecturer, Mechanical and
Production Engineering Department, Southall College
of Technology
City & Guilds International Chief Examiner in
Engineering Drawing

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